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Time till release:

And it's all come down to this...

I'm very excited. After over 3 years of running this site and all the uncertainty over the years, I'm finally going to see Red Dawn tonight. I only started Red Dawn Movie News to share the footage and photos I took while they were filming in my town. I never intended to be running a site like this for so long. I was a fan of the original and thought it was cool to see a film of this size film in my neighborhood. I am so thankful for all the fans that supported my site over the years and the doors that have opened for me because of it.

I hope the movie is as fun as I want it to be and I can't wait for everyone else that has been waiting this long to see it. If you are one of the lucky ones to see Red Dawn tonight at one of the private screenings around the U.S. please send in pictures or tell us all what you thought.


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